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Charming Hostess, Cambridge, MA, Sep 16

Friday, September 16, 2005
Charming Hostess

time: 8:00p

location: Rm 54-100 (Green Bldg)

Performance from the female ensemble's new CD, "Sarajevo Blues" (Tzadik), which draws on Bosnian poetry of love and resistance, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit. In "Sarajevo Blues," Charming Hostess takes history and news as a context, but steers towards poetry as a way to focus on daily life under siege. Some songs explicitly speak of war, and others of cafe culture, underground sexuality, freedom and the nature of evil.The ensemble includes Katzenstein Lecturer Jewlia Eisenberg (see Sept 15) whose music is rooted in the body?voices and vocal percussion, handclaps and heartbeats, sex-breath and silence. "Charming Hostess makes music like no other? Thrown in with lively North African wedding songs and Eastern European folk songs are originals that display a proudly feminist, radical-Jewish, pro-sex sensibility," wrote the New York Times.
See http://web.mit.edu/arts/announcements/prs/2005/0901_eisenberg2.html
open to: the general public cost: free

web site: web.mit.edu/gcws/events/index.html#jewlia

sponsor: Office of the Arts Student and Artist-in-Residence Programs, Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies

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