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NYJMHF: Jill Sobule, NYC, Sep 22

Jewish music and heritage festival
Jill SobuleJill Sobule
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette St.
Tickets: $18 - BUY TIX

The early early years: born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Picked up the guitar shortly after birth, and was the best (and only girl) electric guitar player in her Jr. High - in those days she was considered weird and not that cool

The Early Years: She was discovered while busking on the streets of Seville, Spain (she was hired to play a small dingy nightclub - but it's sort of being discovered). She moved to New York to make it, but ended up selling shoes at Barney's and cocktailing at questionable bars. In 1990, she finally got a record deal (album produced by Todd Rundgren). A highlight was opening up for a mean but great Nina Simone in Montreux.

The Atlantic Years: She had a couple of hits, including the semi-controversial song (it was banned on several bible belt stations), "I Kissed a Girl" and "Supermodel" from the Clueless soundtrack. Her next album, Happy Town was a critical success but did not sweep the nation in sales, so she was dropped.

Pink Pearl:
Another acclaimed CD from the now defunct Beyond label. During this time she twice toured with Warren Zevon (his last).

Between Labels : She became a member (lead guitarist) of Lloyd Cole's new band, The Negatives. She became a political troubadour writing and singing for public radio and the Freedom Forum. To this day, she continues her social political critiques as a guest on Air America, and has shared the stage with fellow activist as Billy Bragg, Steve Earle and Tom Morello. She has also appeared on the West Wing, (off off) Broadway , where she wrote the music for the play Prozak and Platypus. She sang and co-starred in the Eric Schaeffer movie, Mind the Gap, where she convincingly played a struggling singer/songwriter. She is now scoring and writing songs for the Nickelodeon show, Unfabulous.

Underdog Victorious is her latest, completely fabulous CD.

www.jillsobule.com | www.joespub.com

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