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NYJMHF: Push! Push!, NYC, Sep 24

Jewish music and heritage festival
Push! Push!

Saturday, September 24th
35 W. 67th St
8:00 PM
Tickets: $12

...A frenetic monthly international music, dance and noise-art circus rave-up!
Luminescent Orchestrii celebrate their new CD release with...
Hungry March Band, Outernational & surprise DJs

Luminescent Orchestrii

Luminescent OrchstriiFRESH of their European summer tour with a 4 star review at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival... Romanian gypsy melodies, punk frenzy, salty tangos, hard rocking klezmer, haunting Balkan harmony, hip-hop beats and Appalachian fiddle, all eaten and spit out by three violins, resophonic guitar, bullhorn harmonica and guitarron. The Luminescent Orchestrii is Rima Fand (violin), Kaia Wong (violin) Sarah Alden (violin), Aaron Goldsmith (Guitarron) and Sxip Shirey (resophonic guitar, bullhorn harmonicas melodica). The members of the Orchestrii come from different backgrounds and scenes inNew York Cityand share a love of the music that people all over the world listen to while drinking, dancing and weeping. Sxip Shirey is an international Circus composer, Sarah Alden is an old time fiddle player, Rima Fand an experimental theater composer, Kaia Wong an electronic musician and Aaron Goldsmith has played in goth, funk and old world music ensembles. New York has soaked the Luminescent Orchestrii in constant sound: Hip-hop beats boom out of cars at 6am in the morning, the Pakistani cheap-eats café blasts Bhangra Beats, old time fiddlers and classical violinists lighten our ears on the subways, punk brass bands, Balkan jazz, and of course the constant hum of the city itself. Experience this complete mush-up at Makor!

"There is a fine line between gypsy music and punk rock, and the Luminescent Orchestrii falls off it every show. With three fiddlers, a bassist and a guitarist who sweats enough for the five of them, the band stomps the stage, thumps their strings and saws into their instruments. These are believers."- Nonsense NYC

Hungry March Band

Hungry March BandiRoaring out of Brooklyn, the Hungry March Band is the greatest brass march band of all time. A 25-piece orchestra rolling out the sounds ofNew Orleans, Gypsy/Roma,India, jazz, Latin, Klezmer, Punk and Hip Hop, they are a community-based group with a membership as diverse as the music they play. Put on your dancing shoes and break out the fancy party threads for this blazing parade of wood, steel, flesh, brass and blood!

"best anarchist parade group!" - Village Voice, Best of NYC 2004


OuternationalOuternational is crafting a new sound, drawing from musical styles throughout the world. Expect controlled chaos and pure passion extending with intense energy from the stage and into the audience. They have arrived with a bold mission to fulfill a great need as this generation's revolutionary band.

"Outernational's music is as righteous as their politics. They have a rare combination of talent, purpose, and a great sweat drenched live show, uplifting and raw." -Tom Morello (Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine)

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