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Lucette van den Berg, NYC, Oct 20

Thursday, Oct. 20, 7 PM you are invited to the monthly Kavehoyz of
the Congress for Jewish Culture with the Yiddish singer Lucette Van
den berg. She will accompany herself on piano. Lucette Van den berg
comes from Holland where she recently released her CD "Zing shtil".
Admission $7 includes kosher pastry.
The Congress is at 25 E. 21st street. in Manhattan.

information: 212-505-8040

Donershtik, dem 20stn Oktober, zent ir farbetn af dem khoydeshlekhn
Kavehoyz mit der zingerin Lucette Van den berg fun Holand, baym Yidishn
kultur-kongres, 7 a zeyger in ovnt, baym Kongres, 25 E. 21st. in
Manhattan. Van den berg vet zikh aleyn baleytn af der piano. Ir CD "zing
shtil" mit yidishe lider iz aroys in 2005. Arayngang: $7

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