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"KlezmerShock", Minsk, Belarus, Nov 23-24

festival posterOn 23-­24 November, 2005 the "KlezmerShock!" First
International Festival will be held in Minsk, Belarus.

The concerts will take place at the Trade Unions Palace of
Culture (Dvorets Kultury Profsoyuzov) in Minsk. Address:
Prospekt Nezavisimosti 25.

The prices for admittance range from 9,000 to 27,000
Belarusian rubles (USD 4,40 ­ 12,50).

"KlezmerShock!" is organized by the ClassClub concert
agency, the oldest enterprise company on the Belarusian
show market.
tel: +375172275930

It is for the first time that a klezmer festival will be held
in Belarus that in this sense until recently has remained
a gap in Eastern Europe. At the festival, wide variety of
Belarusian audiences will face music presented by the
masters of contemporary Jewish music Michael Alpert and
Paul Brody, as well as their East European counterparts
Dmitri Slepovitch and his "Minsker Kapelye", S.-Petersburg
based ethnic group "Dobranotch", a unique klezmer
violinist Alexey Rozov (Moscow), guitarist Ivan Zhuk,
leader of Moscow Jewish blues scene, Israeli percussionist
and ethnomusicologist Yaniv Itzhak, and a number of young
yet devoted and professional musicians from Russia and

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