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Binymen Schaechter, NYC, Dec 15

Change in program:

Binyumen "Ben" Schaechter will appear for tonight's Kavehoyz and lead a sing-a-long (hootenany). Yuri Vedenyapin will not appear.

Come sing beloved Yidish songs, and learn a few new ones, too!

7 PM
Congress for Jewish Culture
25 East 21st Street
New York, NY

Contribution: $7


Bayt in program:

Binyumen Schaechter vet oyftretn in kavehoyz haynt ovnt un onfirn mit a zingeray. Yuri Vedenaypin vet nit kenen oyftretn.

Kumt zingt balibte Yidishe lider, un lernt a por naye lider oykh!

7 a zeyger in ovnt
baym Yidishn Kultur-kongres
25 East 21ste gas
Manhetn, N"Y

bayshtayer: $7


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