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Matisyahu, Boston, MA, 12 Feb

photo of Matisyahu by Seth Kushner, from JDUB websiteMatisyahu

Matisyahu in Boston, MA
Avalon Ballroom
Doors 6:00/Show 7:00
Tickets are $22.
Fan pre-sale HERE


wow. this show was amazing. i really didnt know what to expect, but this show rocked.

the band was incredible. you can see some morello influenced style in the guitar. and matisyahu himself was unreal. his voice is even better in person. i reccomend a matisyahu show to any fan of music. im a huge altrock, metal, rap fan, and these are the shows that i see. so i wasnt sure how id react to this. i was blown away. AMAZING. 5 star show.

the BEST part was the very end of the show. some kid rushed the stage. when he dove off, NOBODY caught him! i was standing at the bar(avalon) and i could hear and feel him :THUD: on the ground. matisyahu was standing behind the speakers pissing his pants laughing. fuckin incredible.

Thanks for the description! We chickened out because of the snow, but I do wish we had gone. Sounds like it was really nice. I would have loved to see SoCalled, who opened, again as well.

They'll be back to Boston, I'm sure!

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