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Sway Machinery celebrate Purim, NYC, Mar 13

Come celebrate Purim, the Jewish carnival of role reversal, with us at Makor. It's going to be a wild evening, even if we are on the upper west side.

The Sway Machinery (with the Antibalas horn section)
live at Makor
(35 W 67th Street bet Central Park West and Columbus Ave)

We start at 10PM but there will be a Meguillah reading at 7:30 followed by an open bar (8:30-9:30) and then a comedy show featuring writers from the Daily Show.

Tickets cost $25 so make sure to come early and take advantage of the open bar!!! for directions and details visit makor.org

"Jeremiah Lockwood’s remarkably accomplished, frankly fascinating guitar work and Tomer Tzur’s limber syncopations combine with influences from the Sahara to the shtetl to the Delta (believe it) to make Sway Machinery consistently exciting and emotionally rewarding as well. Here they team up with friends from Antibalas for an exploration of a genre perhaps best labeled Jewish soul."—Pamela Grossman, The Village Voice

"Last Sunday I went to see Jeremiah Lockwood's new project: Sway Machinery with the horn section of Antibalas. This was their second show together. I will not exaggerate one bit if I tell you that this was the best Jewish music gig that I've ever been to, in my whole life. They played at The Stone, and at the end of the performance, every single person in the audience stood up and clapped, stomped, yelled for a long, long time."—Jake Marmer, Mimaamakim.org

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