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Vampire Suit, Brooklyn, NY, Jun 30

Vampire Suit will once again bring it's signature chamber-world-improv sound to Barbes, 376 9th St., Brooklyn, on June 30th, 2006, at 8pm.

Vampire Suit draws on Jay Vilnai's unique musical heritage as a Russian-Romanian-Polish descendant raised in Jerusalem around a mix of contemporary and traditional Jewish and Arab music, with a soul for rock n'roll and a BFA in jazz. Couple that with a passion for Bartok and Stravinsky and you end up with all original music that draws on all those influences to create something akin to traditional music for a generation that hails from so many traditions. Balkan and Middle-Eastern rhythms are prominent, backed by 20th century composing concepts and jazz improvising.

'If Bram Stoker's imaginary Transylvania had a jazz scene, the music might sound something like this.'—Jazz Review

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