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Ballin' the Jack, Brooklyn, NY, Oct 8

BARBES ~ Sunday, Oct 8th
#376 9th st at 6th ave Park Slope, Brooklyn
7th ave stop on F, 9pm.

Roy Nathanson, voice, words, sax
Matt Darriau - alto, clt.
Andy Laster - bari, clt.
Frank London - trumpet
Curtis Hasselbring - tbone
George Schuller - traps
Anthony Coleman - piano
Joe Fitzgerald - bass

Rediscover the swinging film music of the legendary Marx Brothers movies with Klezmaticís reedman Matt Darriau's Ballin' the Jack. Bestowing the solos of Harpo and Chico with an avant flavor sure to make the brothers smile, their performace will feature special guest Roy Nathanson from the Jazz Passengers as MC, saxophonist and Groucho interpreter. Also with charts by band members Andy Laster on baritone sax and clarinet, Frank London on trumpet, Curtis Hasselbring on trombone, Anthony Coleman on keyboard and piano, bassist Joe Fitzgerald and George Schuller on drums.

"Ballin' The Jack revives these swing tunes in an ultra-modern way that makes them seem like they were just written.... A strong candidate for Jazz CD of the Year" -- All-Music Guide
(Whooo hoo hoo hoo, oh you dog)
First you put your knees together, close up tight,
Then you sway 'em to left, then you sway 'em to the right...
Step around the floor kind of nice and light, ...
Then you twis' around, and twis' around with all your might, ...
Style and Grace, Swing your foot way round, then bring it back,
Now that's what I call Ball-in the Jack.
Then you do the Eagle Rock with style and grace, ...
Swing your foot way'round then bring it back,
Now that's what I call Ballin' the Jack...
~Chris Smith, 1913

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