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Rob Schwimmer, NYC, Mar 28

Rob Schwimmer--Solo Piano Concert
Rob Schwimmer will be performing solo piano selections from his new CD "BEYOND THE SKY"
The Fazioli Salon @ Klavierhaus
Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 — 8:00 PM $15
211 W. 58th St. (near 7th Ave)
New York, NY
(212) 245-4535

"Rob Schwimmer's legendary keyboard talents are often appreciated in his hometown, New York, NY. But the rest of the world rarely gets a glimpse of his astonishing artistry--until now. Beyond The Sky will give you a nice dose of Rob's amazing pianistic skills, his incredible improv abilities, his compositional brilliance, and his Theremin chops. This is exquisitely beautiful music, worthy of deep listening."-- Ernie Rideout, Keyboard February 2007

Piano virtuoso Rob Schwimmer is an original and intrepid artist who on this album meaningfully negotiates the composer's formalism of classical music and the improviser’s freedom of jazz, blurring distinctions between both disciplines. While Rob has worked with some of the top artists of our time his own music has been elusively hard to come by. Schwimmer’s is a music of inclusion, both wry and ruminative, romantic and avant garde, minimalist yet expansive. The depth and breadth of Schwimmer’s musical and imagistic vocabulary reveal an understanding of the entire keyboard tradition both in his compositions as well as his use of improvisation. That it sounds like a personal vision and not a cross-cultural collision is testament to his rhythmic instincts and harmonic curiosity, his touch and articulation, the manner in which he is able to summon up in the course of a single passage, let alone an entire piece, a vision of the piano’s wide-ranging stylistic and structural expanse.

for more info visit: robschwimmer.com

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