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Third Annual Yiddish Concert, Dayton, OH, Mar 18

Dayton Jewish Community Yiddish Club

The Third Annual Yiddish Concert will be March 18, 2007 at 3 pm at Beth Jacob synagogue. This concert is sponsored by the Dayton Jewish Community Yiddish Club.

At this year's concert the duo Gemini will be performing. Gemini comes to Dayton from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They have been in Dayton performing at Cityfolk concerts, Jewish community concerts and for children's concerts. This concert will be Yiddish music sprinkled with a bit of Hebrew. The brothers will share their Yiddish background with us that came from their dad who was a cantor.

The concert is $5 a person. Membership in the club is a $20 a year donation which includes the concert and covers the cost of mailings and supports the annual concert.

For reservations, membership and contributions
Dayton Jewish Community Yiddish
Lynda A Cohen
6501 Foursome Lane
Englewood, Ohio 45322
937 836 4417

The Dayton Jewish Community Yiddish Club meets once a month to enjoy the Yiddish language, be it poetry, conversation, recipes or memories. People attend who speak Yiddish, to learn some Yiddish and people attend who love to listen to Yiddish. Each month the group attracts more people. The gatherings are hosted by members of the group which makes it even more heimish.

The group sponsors the concert to share their love of Yiddish with the entire community. You are invited to attend this concert and you are invited to be a supporter a well. Your donation will contribute to the efforts of many who keep Yiddish alive and well in Dayton.

Please join us for a glass of tea and cookies and an afternoon of delightful entertainment.

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