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Sway Machinery, Brooklyn, NYC, Apr 1

Late night hang--bon voyage to TOMER TZUR - 12 midnight
Sunday, April 1st, 2007
Zebulon - zebuloncafeconcert.com
258 Wythe Ave. bet N 3rd and Metropolitan
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11221
718 218 6934
Price: Free

As we prepare to enter the Springtime, the season of pilgrimage and slaughtered lambs, the season of feasting and rejoicing, the season of energies unbridled and blood flowing loose in the veins, we of The Sway Machinery prepare to say a fond farewell to TOMER TZUR, who will be moving back to his native land of Israel at the end of the month. For me personally, NYC without Tomer is almost as hard to imagine as New York without graffiti on the subway cars and the 2nd Avenue Deli standing proudly on the corner of E 11th Street. These things, too, we have seen pass. But before I start pulling out my third hanky, I'll have you all know, there's a party starting and it won't stop 'till we all drop. This Sunday night at Zebulon, starting at an unwholesome hour and going until it's time to go, we will regal our friends and fans with our music and enjoy the company of my man Tomer Tzur in good old-fashioned style.

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