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Klezzics concert/jam session, Paris, France, Apr 4

Mercredi 4 Avril 2007, 21:00

Café culturel
21, rue des Rigoles 75020 Paris
Tél. :

Métro :Jourdain, Gambetta ou Pyrénées
Bus :ligne 26 ou 96
Ouvert du mardi au dimanche

With :
- Workshop klezmer/balkans of Marianne Entat
- Blanche Neige
- Jam session

-Jam sessions will follow.

-Marianne Entat is a violinist and composer playing with Tsuica. She leads a East European and Balkan music workshop for the association "les amis de Tsuica". For more : perso.orange.fr/tsuica.

-Blanche Neige is more of a jazz/rock band influenced by klezmer, indian music, and many other sounds … to listen : www.myspace.com/bneige

Nicolas Portnoi (Sax Soprano, sax tenor, sitar and farfsa),
Jean Thevenin (various drums),
Berni Benony (sax alto, flute and tablas),
Petere Cassat (electric bass and double bass),
O'fire Levy (guitar and oud),
Karismse Humbert (Derbuka and Middle Eastern drums).

Klezzics is a klezmer monthly event created in 2004 by Eleonore Biezunski (fiddler and student in geography and Jewish studies) and Gabriel Siancas (clarinettist, tuba player and student in social sciences) in Paris, allowing performers to present klezmer-related and experimental musical works to a wider audience. Since its creation, Klezzics has invited more than twenty different bands, in a very welcoming venue, "Les Trois Arts" located in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris. Marthe Desrosieres (flutist, picolo player, clarinettist and leader of the klezmer programs at the Maison de la Culture Yiddish) joined us up in 2005, bringing her experience and knowledge to our project.

Klezzics also publishes a newsletter announcing the gigs of the bands that played on this scene to our list. Each concert is also aimed to provoke encounters between musicians and followed by a jam session.

The entrance is free (suggested donation : 5 Euros)
Traditional homemade (by Marthe) Ashkenaz Pastries are sometimes available !

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