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Gypsy Sound System, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 10, 2007

Gypsy Sound System and Pandemic
@ brillobox 4104 penn ave pittsburgh pa
Saturday Nov 10 at 10pm

Gypsy Sound System:::
Gypsy sound system The gypsy sound system began in 2005 from the meeting between Dj Olga and Dr.Schnaps.From this moment, gypsy parties have taken a new turn. More fire , more happiness, more sounds.This sound system is a mixture between elctrogypsy , raggaklezmer, balkanicfire, orientaltriphop, indiandrumandbass, spanishrumba populardrunksongs.This is not only 2 people, this is a whisper of life that use wild winds to get in every hearts who want to be free in a fly of dance .Dj Olga and Dr.Schnaps are now turning in all Europe and other part of this beautiful mother earth. Passing by Roma, London, Paris, Antwerpen, Lyon, Barcelona , Grenada, Krakow,New York, Boston, Madrid, Copenhagen, Goteborg, Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago,.. Bringing each time the same fire.

Dj Olga : Young polish diva riding a flying bike or a traktor sound system with a mic and exotic hat. She brings the fire in the freezing winter nights with gypsies sounds and adds some winds of vocal chant on special tunes. Using traditional and new east flukt, she takes the crowd in a travel through time and gypsy story in a so magic way that people don't know the next day if it was dream or reality.

Dr.schnaps : This is the name that the time and experiences gave to this young medecine herbs ( Dr.) and vine (Schnaps) producer .Bacchus descendant, he passed his first twenty years in bottle to get matured. When the bottle was opened, music and scream of happiness flew from inside that his mission is definitely to make dance people on evil fire sounds from india to spain. Banished son of Yvette Horner, you can recognize him because of his huge pilositity in which he falls sometimes when he begins to dance. The crowd know the next day that it was the best madness nightmare they've never had and ask for more

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