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Tannenbaum & Fagin in 'Good for the Jews', Denver, CO, Dec 15, 2007

clueless attempt at 'Jewish' humorGood For The Jews, the world's greatest two-man Jewish music and comedy act, will be touring and shlepping throughout the U.S. in December, celebrating Hanukkah and its tacky aftermath, conventionally referred to as "Christmas."

We'll sing familiar old favorites like "Hot Jewish Chicks" and "They Tried To Kill Us, We Survived, Let's Eat," plus debut new songs, including "Goin' Down To Boca" and our unique twist on a Fiddler On The Roof classic.

Please come out and join us. It's either us, or a re-run of "It's A Wonderful Life."

Soiled Dove,
Denver CO
(303) 299-0100


The acclaimed New York music duo Good For the Jews will be "Putting The Ha! In Hannukah" throughout December, with a thirteen-city tour of North American cities with large Jewish populations.

Good For the Jews' tour is being sponsored by Heeb magazine. Heeb recently named Good For the Jews singer Rob Tannenbaum to the Heeb 100, an elite list of "young, smart and innovative" Jews in the arts. (See heeb100.com/comedy.html)

In less than a year, Rob Tannenbaum and partner David Fagin have won rave reviews around the country from the (mostly Jewish-owned) media.

"This is not your father's Judaism: Funny, loud, over-the-top. Jews with an edge and proud of it." —Baltimore Jewish Times

"Rob Tannenbaum, the snarky mastermind of What I Like About Jew, has a cutting new band that makes Adam Sandler sound like an altar boy." —New York Magazine

"Their musical interpretations of Jewish life have been called 'hilarious' from coast to coast." —Philadelphia Weekly

"Appeals to the same type of young-adult audience that eats up Jon Stewart and Sarah Silverman." —Chicago Jewish News

"A pair of razor-sharp wiseacres." —Village Voice

"Unorthodox, irreverent and hilarious." —Blueprint

"Hilarious brilliance." —New Jersey Jewish Standard

Good For the Jews is the new band from What I Like About Jew creator Rob Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum was featured in Time Out New York's cover story on "The New Super Jews" and in last year's New York Times feature on "the Jewish hipster moment."

A groundbreaking approach to songs about Jewish life brought What I Like About Jew national acclaim, a four-star review on AllMusic.com, and an NPR profile by Terry Gross of "Fresh Air." "Hilarious," said the Village Voice. "Hilarious," said the Baltimore CityGuide. "Hilarious," said the Jewish Telegraph. "Hilarious," said Jewlicious.com. "Hilarious," said the SF Bay Guardian. "Hilarious," said Flavorpill.com. Get the idea?


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