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Ayelet Rose Gottlieb - Mayim Rabim, NYC, Jan 14, 2008

Ayelet Rose GottliebAyelet Rose Gottlieb - Mayim Rabim (Great Waters)
Monday, January 14, 2008
9:30pm - 10:30pm
85 Avenue A, between 5th & 6th Streets
New York City | View Map
Phone: 212.777.1157

Jerusalem-born jazz vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb radiates a powerfully unique style, reminiscent of diverse influences – she grew up among stacks of vinyl that included Charles Mingus, Laurie Anderson, J.S. Bach, Bob Dylan, Edith Piaf and Egyptian chanteuse Oum Koultum.

Mayim Rabim, her ten-piece song cycle based on texts from the erotic biblical love poem Song of Songs, was released in June 2006 (Tzadik Records) to international critical acclaim. An epic story of love and loss in which each line of music, each player on stage is revealed as part of the complexity of a young woman caught in the great waters of love.

Gottlieb develops the piece into a multi-sensory theatrical presentation, layering music with deconstructed English translations and visuals.
MAYIM RABIM is based on the Song of Songs, ancient Hebrew erotica from King Solomon that is found in the Bible.

She composed the song cycle to 10 segments of the text and presents it in its original Hebrew. In Song of Songs, Ayelet found an incredible work of poetry about love, a human sentiment that surely incorporates the full color range of emotions.


Ayelet Rose Gottlieb- Voice, Compositions
Michael Gottlieb- Voice
Deanna Neil and Tammy Scheffer - Background Vocals
Michael Winograd- Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Brian Gelfand - Piano
Jennifer Vincent - Cello
Ronen Itzik - Drums and Percussion

Director: Franny Silverman
Video: Renate Aller. Edited by Tamar Singer.

Double Bill with Cyro Baptista’s “Beat The Donkey”
$15 (for both sets)

“The elegance in this music is juxtaposed against the rawness of its sensuality. In Short, Mayim Rabim is a small wonder, a beautiful gem.” Billboard

“The stunning Gottlieb possesses a powerful voice, using it with authority, soaring over a beautifully voiced chorus of four.” JazzTimes

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