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Fleytmuzik, Oxnard, FL, Feb 2, 2008

This Saturday, Feb. 2, will be the first concert of a new Fleytmuzik program that will be performed at The Villages, Florida. 7:00 is our downbeat!

Okay, so that's a town???? Well, sort of. They have their own city and now they have their new synagogue, which we are "opening" with this concert. Officially? Oxford, Florida. Still not on your visionary map? The complex is drivable from Sarasota or Tampa or Orlando....

The synagogue is Temple Shalom, "Home of the New Jewish Congregation of Central Florida". The URL for the concert itself is: www.newjewishcongregation.org
For tickets call the office at 352-259-8773.
Price for the grand evening of the concert and dance party and dessert is $25.00

I'll be rockin' it out with Pete Rushefsky, Jake Shulman-Ment, and Brian Glassman and THAT should be enough to entice you to come. The concert will feature many of my compositions as well as goodies from our best sources, ones that particularly fit the flute. Then, at the dance party and dessert afterwards we'll be playing and dancing a new sher and a patch tanz! Locals: Be there!
Not local? Book your flight today! The weather is going to be great as well.

—Adrianne Greenbaum

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