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Vampire Suite CD release, Brooklyn, NYC, Mar 27, 2008

Vampire Suit is excited to announce the imminent release of 'A New Song', a follow up to 'Gaze at Your Omphalos', its debut release from 2004. In support of the new release, Vampire Suit will perform at Barbes, 376 9th St., Brooklyn on March 27th at 10:00 pm.

'A New Song' continues the concept that is at the heart of Vampire Suit's music—to forge musical materials from around the world into a new, unique whole—a new tradition for a generation that draws upon so many traditions—and to create music that taps into our collective unconscious, while being unmistakably new. The texture of the music defies definition, owing as much to Balkan and Middle Eastern rhythms, as it does to forms and harmonies of contemporary chamber music, with extended emotional improvising rooted in jazz and blues. The fire and spirit of folk dance music underlies everything, while the contemporary touches make the music a joy to the mind as it is to the body.

"The music has enduring beauty that touches on the heart of the Middle East's musical culture while exhibiting western flair. Open improvisations and the spirit of the belly dance coexist, encouraging the traditional undulated hip movements as a supplement to the solid instrumentation.… —Frank Rubolino Cadence Magazine

"If Bram Stoker's imaginary Transylvania had a jazz scene, the music might sound something like this." —Jazz Review

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