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Klezmer Jam, Brookline, MA, Mar 2, 2008

March Workmen's Circle klezmer jam is 7-9 pm on March 2, 2008 at the Workmen's Circle, at 1762 Beacon Street in Brookline, about 5 blocks west of Washington Square, which is about 12 blocks west of Coolidge Corner, right on the Green Line Beacon Street route. We play from printed music, which we will have available in C and B-flat. All levels of players are welcome. There is a creaky piano, though keyboard players are welcome to bring a portable keyboard in case more than one pianist shows up

Below is the likely order of music for this week (though we may not get to them all). This way people can practice if they want, and also have it sorted in order. There may be new pieces handed out as well

  1. Bobover Wedding March
  2. Sadegurer Khosidl/Mazel Tov
  3. Gasn Nign
  4. Freilachs Dm #1 and #2/Alte Tsiganer
  5. Eli Ata/Vos Vet Zayn
  6. Varetsky Pass medley-Tiraspolar Bulgar/ Fanfara Suceava/ Stanislaver Bulgar
  7. Naches fun Kinder
  8. SB24/SB6/Bender’s Bulgar
  9. Merlin 1,2,4
  10. Miserlou
  11. Gypsy/Hora Fetelor/German's Freilachs
  12. Gut Nacht Vals/Shapiro's Korochod
  13. Waltz medley: Mazel/Oi Shloimele/All My Love
  14. Tantz,Tantz

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