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Klezfest 2008: Ot Azoy! Jewish Song, London, UK, Aug 20, 2008

KlezFest London 2008 posterKlezFest: Ot Azoy! Jewish Song

Ot Azoy is an unbelieveable opportunity to begin reading and speaking Yiddish in just one week, opening the doors to a great culture. By the end of the week you will even find yourself dreaming in Yiddish!

Whether you are a complete beginner or already an advanced Yiddish student, Ot Azoy!, as well as being hugely enjoyable, will give you the tools to make a solid start and also to progress rapidly.

To register for Ot Azoy!, please download and use the registration form

For further information, www.jmi.org.uk/ashkenazimusic/courses/08_KlezFestOtAzoy/08_Ot_Azoy.htm

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