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"Degenerate Music," Mendocino, CA, Jul 17, 2008

"Degenerate Music": Jewish Music of Weimar Germany
The Mendocino Music Festival
Thursday, July 17, 8:00 pm
Susan Waterfall & The Mendocino Music Festival Chamber Players
Erin Neff, vocalist

After World War I, Weimar Berlin was a cauldron of artistic ferment as avant-garde artists and intellectuals, most of them Jewish, struggled to create a modern German culture. Exuberant freedom and hectic experimentation masked a sense of impending doom. After 1933, Hitler denounced them all as "degenerate" and their forced exile carried Weimar modernity to the rest of the world. A re-creation of this fascinating and pivotal era with cabaret and chamber music of Weill, Schoenberg, and Eisler, photographs and film.

Presented by The Mendocino Music Festival in association with the Jewish Music Festival

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