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PCrypto-Judaica: Mysteries of the Sephardim, Moab, Utah, Sep 12, 2008

September 12
Basya Schechter in a Paul Woodiel Presents Production

6p.m. The Pavilian at the Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa
Crypto-Judaica: Mysteries of the Sephardim

Paul Woodiel presents Judeo-Spanish music ranging from concert works to a spontaneous exploration of new directions. Cellist/vocalist Marika Hughes of Two Foot Yard appears in the program, which features the charismatic Basya Schechter, whose sensuous voice forms the soulful core of the world-beat ensemble, Pharaoh¹s Daughter. Bring a blanket to relax on the beautiful lawn if you like.

Full Ensemble:
Steve Gibb, guitars
Christopher Layer, bagpipes & flutes
Basya Schechter, vocalist & oud
Paul Woodiel, fiddle & hurdy-gurdy
Mathias Kunzli - percussion

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