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The Sway Machinery premieres "Hidden Melodies Revealed 2008", NYC, 30 Sep, 2008

Our dear friends.
It's just one more week until the The Sway Machinery premieres Hidden
Melodies Revealed 2008—a secret celebration of Rosh HaShana. We
desire your attendance … get your tickets now!

This year, our explosive and emotive presentation of the Cantorial
Music tradition will be accented by the world premiere of an animated
film by the brilliant artist Andrea Dezsö, entitled Scenes From the
Life of Ben Zion Kapov-Kagan. The film, which was specially created
for this event, is based on stories by Jeremiah Lockwood.

New music, ancient worlds revived, dreams vivified and barn-storming
action are in store!

This year the new and expanded Hidden Melodies Revealed will be
presented on both nights of Rosh HaShana: Monday, September 29 and
Tuesday, September 30, both nights at 10PM at the beautiful Le
Poisson Rouge.

Click here to buy tickets for the first night
Click here to buy tickets for the second night

The Sway Machinery—Hidden Melodies Revealed 2008
at Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street (at Thompson)
10PM $10 admission (we encourage you to buy in advance!)

Recent Developments in the Production of HIDDEN MELODIES REVEALED
2008—a secret celebration of Rosh HaShana

1. We will be joined for Hidden Melodies Revealed by the wonderful
violinist Sarah Neufeld (of Arcade Fire and Belle Orcheste). Sarah
graced numerous tracks on our soon to be released full length album
and will be bringing her brilliant musicianship to the stage with us
for the FIRST TIME. We are truly honored...the power of this event
grows stronger. …

2. Anyone want to join us in a group chorus? We invite everyone to
sing along in a wordless chant on a new song, Adiray Ayumah. Go to
myspace.com/theswaymachinery and click on "learn this melody" in the
music player. It's a simple chant repeated over and over and it will
be beautiful and perfect to have your voice singing with us. We would
like as many voices as possible on this one … the melody starts and
ends the song … join us!

3. Buzz Poole, author of Madonna of the Toast, has written a
beautiful article previewing Hidden Melodies Revealed. The online
article in Nextbook.com includes a clip from the animated film Scenes
>From the Life of Ben Zion Kapov Kagan, which will premiere at the
concert! We encourage you to check out this preview clip!

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