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Literary Readings, Yiddish, Tel Aviv, Israel, 22 Oct 2008

On Wednesday, October 22nd at 11:30 A.M., at the Arbeter-ring, 48 Kalisher Street, Tel Aviv, our Culture club will be hosting our beloved guest from Hamburg, Dorothea Greve ("Shevele"), together with 15-17 members of the Solomon Birenbaum Yiddish Club, who will present literary readings commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Czernovitz Yiddish Language Conference.

All members of our Culture Club and Yiddish-lovers of Israel are invited.

Arbeter-ring in Yisroel - Brith Haavoda
48 Kalisher Street
Tel Aviv Israel

Tel/fax: 972-3-517-6764

Mitvokh, dem 22-tn Oktober, 11:30 in der fri, vet forkumen in "Arbeter-ring", Kalisher 48 in Tel Aviv, a bagegenish fun der Kultur-krayz mit undsers a libn gast : Dorothea Greve ("Shevele") fun Hamburg, tsuzamen mit 15-17 mitglider fun dem Hamburger Solomon Birenbaum-geselshaft far Yidish, velkhe veln zikh presentirn mit a kinstlerisher bine-leyenung gevidmet der Czernovitzer Shprakh-Konferenz tsu ir 100-yorikn ondenk-yubile.

Alle mitglider funem Kultur-krayz un frayvilike gest zenen farbetn.

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