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A bronx khanike yontif w/Pesakh Fishman & Miriam-Khaye Seigel, Bronx, NY, 28 Dec 2008

Please come to our Khanike yontif - Sun. 12/28 in BX -
Master Yiddish Storyteller Pesakh Fishman and singer Miriam-Khaye Seigel
perform at the Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center,
3301 Bainbridge Avenue, Bronx 1:30 PM
info: 917-930-0295

Kumt dem zuntik af undzer khanike-yontif
dem 28stn detsember, 1:30 bay tog,
tsu hern dem mayster-dertseyler, Peysekh Fishman,
mit der zingerin Miriam-khaye Segal,
inem Sholem Aleichem kultur-tsenter, 3301 Bainbridge Avenue, Bronx,
rog 208te gas, eyn gas fun Montefiore-shpitol.
#4 ban biz Mosholu Parkway, oder D-ban biz 205te gas.
info: 917-930-0295

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