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Yiddish Princess, Avi Fox-Rosen Band, NYC, 3 Jan 2009

A Match Made on the Bowery
Yiddish Princess and The Avi Fox-Rosen Band live at BPC

Saturday, Jan 3, 2009, 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Bowery Poetry Club
Bowery between Houston + Bleeker
New York, NY

2 bands united as they could only be at Bowery Poetry Club. 2 bands with a mission to bring you joy through your ears. A MATCH MADE ON THE BOWERY.

Looking to reconcile your love of 80s power pop with your love of traditional Yiddish music? Your search is over. Behold, Yiddish Princess in all its Yiddish belting, guitar wailing, synthed out glory. Yiddish Princess is: Sarah Mina Gordon, vocals; Michael Winograd, synths; Avi Fox-Rosen, guitar; Jon Singer, drums; Yoshie Fruchter, guitar; Ari Folman Cohen, bass.

Absurdist Rock Cabaret. Whisper to wail singing accompanied by screaming accordion, junk yard razor blade guitar playing, cantankerous marimba, grooves that make your backside weep. Various friends take the stage and escort you through a universe populated by hot girls on bikes, religious fundamentalists who worship themselves, 10 foot monkeys in heels, and renegade criminal bankers. Sound familiar ?

a mere $10
presented by The Organization For Unfunded Culture (OFUC)

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