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Electro Morocco & DJ Balagan, WJMF, Washington, DC, 10 Jun 2009

The Washington Jewish Music Festival - 6/4-6/11

Electro Morocco and DJ Balagan
Station 9
1438 U Street NW
June 10, 8:00 pm

Electro Morocco is a unique mixture of intricate electro beats and Middle Eastern flavor, with a retro rock and pop edge. Thriving from the pulse of music born in the Middle East, their sound rises, swells and cuts to the core with a dense recipe of swirling otherworldly sound, the powerful persistence of electro-rock rhythm and stiletto-sharp guitar lines. Electro Morocco delivers soul-stomping performances all synced to self-produced video clips. Seasoned musicians Assaf Spector, Roy Gurel, Shlomie Lavie, Taylor Galassi and Yula Beeri mix everything from retro rock to Middle Eastern folk music, to warped electro in a fierce, high-energy performance.

DJ Balagan a.k.a. Sam Hopkins, has been producing his own sample-based dance tracks since 2003, incorporating Sephardic elements among various other ethnic styles.

“The off-beat rhythm, the interplay of tweaked, Oriental-sounding guitars, and the frenzied climaxes call to mind bellydancing music and hard rock.”

Presented in partnership with the 16th Street J’s J-on-Demand program for 21-35 year olds
Community Partner: Shemspeed

If you'd like to attend this event you can purchase tickets online.

Festival logoPresented in partnership with Teev Events, Inc.
Co-sponsored by the Embassy of Israel

For information: 202-777-3251 or wjmf.org.

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