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Atzilut: Concerts for Peace, 25 Oct 2009

ATZILUT:CONCERTS FOR PEACE is the only group that features virtuoso singers and instrumentalists equally proficient in the rhythms and inflections of both Hebrew and Arabic music. The nine-member group is co-led by Hebrew and Arabic vocal specialists: Hazzan Jack Kessler, one of the masters of Jewish spiritual song, and the great Lebanese singer, composer and 'oud virtuoso Maurice Chedid. The resulting musical collaboration is infectious, joyous, deep, sweet, and passionate.

No speeches needed – the music itself is the message! This project exemplifies the potential for artistic collaboration and shared creativity that emerges when musicians, representing two traditions with common roots, overcome conflict to celebrate hope and trust through music. The performance becomes an inspiring statement of the triumph of shared creativity over despair.

Also known in Europe as the MIDDLE EAST PEACE ORCHESTRA, the group has an extensive performance history, including the United Nations, the Algarve International Festival, Munich Gasteig, the Royal Opera Theatre of Copenhagen, a recent tour of France and concerts in Austria and Germany.

This concert will be part of the Daniel Pearl World Music Days, which is an annual worldwide network of concerts that uses the universal language of music to diminish hatred, respect differences, and reach out in global friendship. Daniel Pearl was an American journalist who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002.


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