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Hanuka Spectacular, Banjo Jim's, NYC, NY, 16 December 2009

Yiddish PrincessFor those who will be in NYC next Wednesday night...
Celebrate the Miracle of Successfully Resisting Cultural Hegemony!
Mirth, Wonder, Shmaltz
"But, how?" you ask.
Easy Peasy !! By going to Banjo Jim's on Wednesday Dec 16th to hear your three favorite bands playing perverse derivatives of Jewish music. And screwing the 5th bulb into Avi Fox-Rosen's Electric Hanuka Lamp.
9pm- The Benjy Fox-Rosen Band
10pm- Special Hanuka Lamp Lighting Ceremony led by Avi FR
10:15pm- Yiddish Princess
11:15pm- Breslov Bar Band
9th Street and Avenue C, New York, NY
Rock the Casbah.
Happy Chanukah to all!

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