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Flying Bulgars CD Release Multimedia concert, Toronto, CA, 31 Jan 2010

concert posterFlying Bulgar Klezmer Band
Tumbling Into Light—Multidisciplinary, Multimedia Concert Event

Sunday, January 31, 2009
2 SHOWS: 3 pm & 7:30 pm

The Young Centre for the Performing Arts - 55 Mill Street, Toronto, ON

TICKETS: $20 & $30—Available now from the Young Centre Box Office
(416) 866-8666

cd cover"A dynamic journey though the darkness of our times into the transformative power of the light."
"We stayed up all night, wrestling with an Angel..."
Also available: the Flying Bulgars' new CD, Tumbling Into Light

"...a wild and inspiring batch of beautifully crafted, beautifully played tunes. What's more, the Bulgars have created their own genre (pop/klezmer agitprop?)!" —Jason Collett, singer-songwriter

After a three year period of development, six years after the release of their last CD, the Flying Bulgars have been transformed through the songwriting partnership of the Davids, Buchbinder & Wall. The result is fresh music traveling through darkness, anger, confusion, tenderness, astringent humour sliding into celebration, eyes raised to the horizon, hope, and finally, tumbling head over heels into new illumination.

"...and when the sun turned over the horizon, he said let me go into the light..."

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