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Julian Kytasty & Michael Alpert, The Ukrainian Museum, New York, NY, 12 February 2010

Center for Traditional Music and Dance, The Ukrainian Museum,
and New York Bandura Ensemble/Bandura Downtown present

Night Songs from a Neighboring Village
Ballads, Folksongs, and Instrumental Music from the
Ukrainian and East European Jewish Traditions

Friday, February 12th, 7pm
The Ukrainian Museum
222 East 6th Street, NYC
(between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

"Night Songs from a Neighboring Village" brings together two musical traditions that have existed side by side in Ukraine for centuries, influencing each other profoundly. Join us for an evening of East European Jewish and Ukrainian music and song, presented comparatively by two of the finest performers in both traditions: internationally acclaimed Yiddish singer and klezmer multi-instrumentalist/composer Michael Alpert and internationally renowned singer/composer/master of the Ukrainian bandura, Julian Kytasty.

The program draws from the rich legacy of Ukrainian folk and liturgical song, the virtuosic art of the bandura (Ukrainian harp-lute), klezmer music, Yiddish folksong, and the music of the Hasidim. A first version of "Night Songs" was created to accompany the "Tracing An-sky" exhibition at New York's Jewish Museum. Since 1993, Alpert and Kytasty have performed the program internationally as a duo, in the company of other musicians, and in an ensemble version with Brave Old World and Paris-to-Kyiv.

Admission $15 for adults, with discounts for seniors/members.
For reservations call 212-228-0110. Reception to follow.

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