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Teslim @ Switchboard Fest, San Francisco, CA, 28 Mar 2010

event posterSunday, March 28
Switchboard Music Festival
The third annual Switchboard Music Festival is an 8-hour, non-stop music spectacle presenting composers and musicians who push the boundaries of their respective genres. No other Bay Area music festival or concert series offers such an eclectic, genre-crossing, convention-breaking, bastardizing group of experimentalists, innovators, and musical omnivores in a single event.

Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th Street
(at Mission and 24th St. BART)
San Francisco, CA 94110

2:00 Thorny Brocky
2:45 Strike Gently: Solo Piano
3:30 Teslim
4:10 Sqwonk
4:55 Luciano Chessa and Jonathan Russell
5:35 Sabbaticus Rex
6:15 Real Vocal String Quartet
7:00 Billygoat
7:45 Matt Small's Chamber Ensemble
8:30 Zoe Keating
9:20 miRthkon

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