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Klezmology, Cork, Ireland, 21 Apr 2010


Tour put off due to volcanic eruption. It will be rescheduled later this year.

The musicians are:
Ilana Cravitz, Klezmer fiddle player and teacher at the Jewish Music Institute in London. Ilana published a book on learning to play Klezmer violin in 2008. She also teaches Klezmer dances, and plays with the band Freylach.

Fiona Ashley, clarinet and flute. Fiona plays with the Klezmer band of Southwest Ireland, The Fireflies, and is renowned for her energy and stage presence.

Sarha Moore, saxophone. Sarha is currently doing a PhD in music, studying the flattened second, at Sheffield University. She also plays with the Bollywood Brass Band.

Ruti Lachs, accordion and vocals. Ruti plays with The Fireflies, teaches piano, runs the KDYS Killarney Band Project, and is currently studying for the Hdip in Arts (Music) at UCC School of Music.

Susi Evans, clarinet. Susi plays with the She’Koyokh Klezmer Ensemble, winners of the International Jewish Music Competition 2008, and performs in London’s West End shows and Theatres.
“I have never heard any other clarinettist pull so many notes out clean and clear at such a breakneck pace, or with such infectious enthusiasm.” Oxford Times.

Dini Presman, trombone. Dini is known as a multi-instrumentalist, playing every brass instrument as well as double bass, piano and guitar. She plays most regularly with Bold As Brass band as well as playing intermittently with various jazz and folk bands. She teaches brass and general music at Archbishop Sumner school in London and at Southwark Centre for Young Musicians.

These six women will join together as one for three days of music and dance in Cork. Their repertoire of Klezmer tunes includes freilachs, shers, doinas, bulgars, waltzes and surprises. They will jump off the stage and dance with their audience, nothing can stop them!

Don't miss this once off experience to meet some of London's (and Munster's) most respected Klezmer musicians!

Further information Ruti Lachs 087 928 1218

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