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The Schaechter Legacy: Growing Up in Yiddish in the 21st Century, London, 13 June 2010

The Schaechter/Gottesman dynasty has played a central role in America's Yiddish-speaking academic and cultural scene. From renowned linguist Mordkhe Schaechter and poet and songwriter Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman onwards, the family has produced poets, musicians, journalists and educators active in keeping Yiddish alive and thriving. In this unique event, Meena-Lifshe Viswanath - current MIT student and native Yiddish speaker - will give an insider's history of the family, and talk about growing up as a Yiddish speaker
in the 21st century. The programme will be interspersed with Yiddish songs and poems, from within the family and beyond. Daughter of Yiddish poet Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath, and one of Mordkhe Schaechter's sixteen Yiddish-speaking grandchildren, Meena-Lifshe Viswanath is a native of Teaneck, New Jersey. She is currently a Civil Engineering major at MIT, and has spent the past year at the University of Cambridge as a Cambridge-MIT exchange student. Meena-Lifshe is currently Treasurer of the Yiddish youth organisation Yugntruf, having previously served as its Chairperson. She was a member of the now-defunct Pripetshik
Singers, and now sings in Techiya, MIT's Jewish a cappella group.

This event will take place at the Spiro Ark Centre, 25-26 Enford Street, London W1H 1DW, UK at 7:30 pm on Sunday 13th June 2010.
Tickets £12 (+£1 online booking fee), available from the Spiro Ark website, see:

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