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Weimar Winter Edition, Week 1, 23-28 Jan 2010

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Workshops Overview

The Winter Edition 2011 workshops are designed to build on one another over the entire three-week period, but of course it's also possible to take individual workshops.

PLEASE NOTE: Improvisation 1 is prerequisite to Improvisation 2, unless you participated in Winter Edition 2009 or 2010, and Estill Voice Training™ 1 is prerequisite to Estill Voice Training™ 2, unless you have completed Estill Voice Training™ 1 somewhere else.

January 26 – 28
Improvisation 1 with Isabelle Marx, Tcha Limberger & Alan Bern
Review/Introduction to Winter Edition improvisation concepts and approaches.

Estill Voice Training™ 2 with Tom Burke
This follow-up workshop teaches Estill's Six Basic Voice Qualities that are archetypes for many voice qualities heard round the world in both the speaking and singing voice.

PLEASE NOTE: because Improvisation 1 and Estill Voice Training™ 2 take
place at the same time, it is not possible to participate in both.

For further info: winteredition.eu

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