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Djinn, 6th Street Synagogue, NYC, 23 January 2011

Sunday, Jan 23rd 3PM
Concert! 3pm
From traditional Turkish and Arabic music to original compositions with Middle Eastern influence, the core members of Djinn (Brad MacDonald, Carmine Guida, Pete List) create a modern blend of ancient party music with human beatbox, electronics, a taste of traditional flavor, and a mouthful of NYC style. Cellist Jessie Reagen Mann, a frequent collaborator, will join Djinn for this special performance.

2pm Workshop: “How do you do that?”
If it makes noise…Bring It! Add some Middle Eastern rhythms to your repertoire with this great workshop! Great to play for dancers and at the drum circle too. All djembes, doumbeks, shakers, tambourines, are welcome. You will learn different rhythms in different time signatures. Perfect for hobbyists and serious players too. In addition, learn some basic beatboxing and vocalization of rhythms with human beatboxer, Pete List.

Cover $15 (includes a free drink).

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