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Stempenyu's Neshome, Genève, Switzerland, 13 Mar 2011

Steven Greenman">Steven Greenman's Stempenyu's Neshome ("Stempenyu's Soul")

March 13th, 2011 7pm
Théâtre de l'Alhambra
10 rue de la Rôtisserie - Genève, Switzerland
Reservations: Janine Schorderet Tel. +4122 / 344.64.09 - Fax 4122 / 344.64.04
For more information or contact:
Dann-Olivier Alfandary 20 rue Barthelemy-Menn, CH-1205 GENEVA +4122 / 320.86.28
Michel Borzykowski 12 Chemin Franconis, CH-1290 VERSOIX +4122 / 755.41.23

Steven Greenman (composer, violin, vocals)
Alan Bern (piano, accordion)
Kalman Balogh (cimbalom)
Csaba Novak (string bass)
Dan Kahn (piano, accordion, vocals)

In homage to the legendary 19th C Jewish violinist "Stempenyu", Steven Greenman (violinist/composer) creates a masterpiece of Jewish spiritual melodies with "Stempenyu's Neshome" ("Stempenyu's Soul"). "Stempenyu's Neshome" delves deep into the heart of the Ashkenazic Jewish soul and East European Jewish spirituality. Steven has composed powerfully moving pieces of exquisite beauty; cantorially inspired masterpieces that rival the composed works performed by the greatest Jewish cantors; sacred religious hymns of solemn beauty; hard driving virtuosic tunes of ecstatic exultation; and meditative melodies that express the infinite and contemplate the mysteries of the universe. In all these melodies there is a great love that can be felt and experienced by all of humanity. In concert, "Stempenyu's Neshome" involves the dedicated collaboration of several of the finest performers of traditional East European Jewish music in the world today: Steven Greenman (composer, violin, vocals); Alan Bern (piano, accordion); Kalman Balogh (cimbalom); Csaba Novak (string bass) and Dan Kahn (piano, accordion, vocals). "Stempenyu's Neshome" takes you on a journey of spiritual reflection; inner contemplation; religious awakening; and meditative travels of the heart and soul.

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