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Roger Davidson CD release, NYC, 17 Sep 2011

CD coverPianist ROGER DAVIDSON debuts “ON THE ROAD OF LIFE” September 17 at DROM
Jewish artist will be performing at New York Gypsy Festival.

Sep 17, 8pm
85 Ave. A, NYC
Tix: $15 adv/$20 door

DROM, located in East Village, will be celebrating with Roger Davidson and Frank London playing Jewish music and klezmer during the 7th annual New York Gypsy Festival. The event is on September 17 but the
festival starts Sept. 9.

More info:

Pianist and composer Roger Davidson's work in classical choral music, jazz, Brazilian music, and tango, introduces "On the Road of Life,"—a recording of original songs in klezmer style. Klezmer is an instrumental music tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. It's a mostly festive music, originally performed for dancing at weddings and other joyful events. It shouldn't surprise then that for Davidson—born in Paris to a family with American, French, and German roots, raised in New York, and curious since childhood about the big world outside klezmer "might suggest both, honoring old bonds but also a world of possibilities."

On the Road to Life is not a traditional klezmer music recording. For Frank London, trumpeter, bandleader, and the album's arranger and producer. It represents the sound of klezmer distilled through Roger Davidson.

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