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Yale Strom in residence, Michigan Fest of Sacred Music, 12-14 Nov, 2011

Yale StromNovember 12-14: Yale Strom in residence at the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music. His string quartet "In The Memory Of..." will be performed by the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra's Burdick-Thorne String Quartet at Cong. Moses at 7pm on Nov. 13th. In the morning of Nov. 13th Yale will give a lecture about how he came to compose the string quartet. He will also play some klezmer violin melodies from Hungary and Romania. This lecture/performance will be at Congregation Moses. Lastly Yale will give a workshop at one of the local high schools on Monday morning Nov. 14th.

For more info. Website: www.mfsm.us. For further information: (269) 382-2910

IN THE MEMORY OF… is based upon melodies from a 1931 cantor's book Strom found in the abandoned Mare synagogue during his invitation to participate in the world music festival in Satu Mare in 2008. This composition is dedicated to the Jews of Romania and Hungary that perished in the Holocaust.

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