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Jazz Talmud Publication Party & Concert, NYC, 19 Jan 2012

Jake MarmerJazz Talmud: Publication Party & Concert!

Thu Jan 19th, 8pm

Sixth Street Synagogue
325 E. Sixth Street
New York, NY 10003

We'll be celebrating publication of Jake Marmer's first poetry collection Jazz Talmud with a jazz-poetry performance ft. Jake Marmer (voice), Frank London (trumpet), Rabbi Greg Wall (sax), Eyal Maoz (guitar), Uri Sharlin (keys).

Jazz Talmud project a new incarnation of the jazz poetry genre. Marmer's poetry is reminiscent of Talmudic rhetoric, while also contemporary, funny, and raw. The musicians provide spontaneous Talmud-style "commentary" on the recited text, as they argue, battle for meanings, riff and mock each other and the text.

Read more about this project in the Jewish Week or here.

Admission $10

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