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Sy Kushner Klezmer Ensemble, 21 Mar 2012

Sy KushnerWednesday, Mar 21 at 08:00 PM - Sy Kushner Klezmer Ensemble East Village Klezmer Series

7:30PM Klezmer Workshop led by Aaron Alexander and various esteemed guests $25
6 - 7:30PM Yiddish Class taught by Dmitri Slepovitch $25
8 – 9:15PM Sy Kushner Klezmer Ensemble $15 (includes a drink)
9:30 – 11PM Klezmer Jam Session, led by Aaron Alexander and guests

Full evening pass $35 (includes Workshop or Yiddish Class, Concert, Jam Session & one drink!)

The Sy Kushner Klezmer Ensemble, ft. Jeremy Brown, Marty Confurius & Aaron Brown

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