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The Workmen's Circle Klezmer Orchestra, Bainbridge, OH, 16 Dec, 2012

The (workmen's)Circle Klezmer Orchestra, consisting of 3 violins, one mandolin, 4 or 5 clarinets, one flute, one trumpet player, a singer and a drummer. Most of our
repetoire consists of klezmer music and includes old favorites like Odessa Bulgar, A Jumping Night in the Garden of Eden, Freilachs, etc. We rehearse from 1:30 to 3:00 every other Sunday at 2490 Lee Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio.

Our next performance will take place on December 16, 1:30-
the Weils of Bainbridge,
Bainbridge, Ohio.

Fees to be negotiated.

For further information contact Cleveland Workmen's Circle at 216-381-4515 or 216-382-6180.

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