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Purim Party w/Steve Weintraub & Carnegie Shpil Co, Pittsburgh, PA, 23 Feb 2013

Sat, 23 Feb, 2013, 7:00pm

Room 119, Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall

Celebrate this Purim with an unforgettable evening of music and dance! Acclaimed Yiddish dance master Steve Weintraub has flown in to Pittsburgh to work with the Carnegie Shpil Company (CMU's klezmer band) and handpicked members of the Carpathian ensemble to create a lively celebration of tradition, music, and fun.

With the help of our coach, Susanne Ortner-Roberts (who will be performing with us!), the band has compiled a repertoire designed to keep you dancing and we couldn't be more excited to share our work with you. Everyone is welcome--bring your friends!

Margaret Morrison Hall is at the intersection of Tech St and Margaret
Morrison St. It's the building with columns in a semicircular pattern
out front.

The J'Burgh Yiddish Club will be performing a Purim shpil. It will include a bear costume.

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