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Klezmokum / Klez-Edge, Maastricht, the Netherlands, 27 Apr, 2014

Klezmokum / Klez-Edge

27 April, 2014, 3-6pm
Synagoge Maastricht
Capucijnengang 2
Maastricht, the Netherlands

Following the success of Klezmokum’s “Old & New Gold” project in synagogues and culture centers in 2011-12 in the Netherlands, we now follow up this project with “Klez-Evergreens” which is a compilation of some of our best instrumental material over our 24 years of existence. Several of these pieces have been performed often but not recorded: some of the best repertoire not only of Klezmokum, but our instrumental subsidiaries: Klez-Edge and Klez-thetics. The music was/is quite accessible or popular with our audiences and will include the following: Klezmer traditional dance (freylekh) type pieces: Varshaver Freylekhs, , Sherele, and another klez-classic in a Balkan-style arrangement: Ketsad M’rakdin. From the great Chassidic literature will be Chassidic Song, Zhuritze Chlopotzi, and Dance of Safad. From the Klez-Edge recording on Tzadik Records: Oy Joy, and from our first Klezmokum CD (1992: Dedication. Also included are A Cozy Winter Veggy Soup from our Klez-thetics recoding (2003), and (from the classic film:) the poignant Theme from Schindler’s List. And finally.. a surprise twist: a lovely piece by the great jazz pianist/composer John Lewis that uses the Magen Abot Jewish mode scale..(Come to one of the concert to find out what it is!) The public is welcome to come for any of these concerts.

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