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Concert w/Psoy Korolenko, "Global Yiddish Culture, 1938-1948", Toronto, ON, Canada, 19 Apr 2015

Concert: "Defending the Homeland: Rare Yiddish Songs of World War II"
Featuring Psoy Korolenko and Anna Shternshis

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 8pm
Al Green Theatre,
720 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON

Tickets $10 at the door. Free for students.

"Avant-bard" singer/songwriter/performer Psoy Korolenko and U of T Professor Anna Shternshis bring to life "lost" Yiddish songs of the Holocaust in this all-new concert and lecture program. Written and transcribed by surviving Ukrainian Jewish writers of the Kiev Cabinet for Jewish Culture after the war as a testament to their struggle for survival, these rare Yiddish artifacts were confiscated and hidden by the Soviet government in 1949, and have only recently come to light. Learn about the incredible stories behind these treasures, savour the music and revel in the creativity of Yiddish-speaking Holocaust survivors.

Co-presented by Ashkenaz Festival and Miles Nadal JCC

More info: cjs.utoronto.ca/events/calendar/global-yiddish-culture-1938-1948

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