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Guy Mendilow Ensemble, Boston, MA, 10 Sep 2016

Guy MendilowThe Guy Mendilow Ensemble: Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom

Saturday, Sep 10, 2016, 7:30pm
Vilna Shul
18 Phillips Street,
Boston, MA 02114

Journey from Salonica to Sarajevo, following the stories of vagabond queens, pauper poets and lovers lost to the sea. The intertwining music and storytelling conjure an imagi-nation lost to war and upheaval, recorded in a language that blends archaic Spanish with Arabic, Hebrew and Greek. Forgotten Kingdom brings these tales to life, drawing on musicians' expertise and instrumentation from homelands of Israel, Palestine, Argentina and the USA. Soulful voices, masterful narration, heart-pounding percussion, and intricate soundscapes render these songs in all their color, drama and heart.

Tix: $36/person
More info: www.vilnashul.org/events/event/GuyMendilow2016

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