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Klezmukah! w/Ken Ulansey Band & dancemaster Steve Weintraub, Philadelphia, PA, 24 Dec 2016

Germantown Jewish Centre presents:
Klezmukah! w/Ken Ulansey Band and dancemaster Steve Weintraub

Sat, Dec 24, 2016, 6–10pm
Germantown Jewish Centre
400 W. Ellet St.
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Tix available online

Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/1808465382703502/

Last year's Klezmas Eve Dance Party with the Ken Ulansey Band & Dance Master Steve Weintraub brought over 300 people in for a super fun night. GJC is doing it again, this time with a Hanukah twist! Start with a Centre Catering Latke Dinner at 6 PM, light the GJC's huge Dancing Children Hanukiyah while singing your favorite Hanukah songs, then come back in as Kenny Ulansey, his amazing ensemble, and dance master Steve Weintraub start a klezmas party like no other at 7 PM!

This year GJC has fun stuff for the kids, too! They're welcome at the dinner and dance party, but there's also childcare (age 2-4), a Disney Movie Night (age 5-7), and a Kadima Murder Mystery Glow-in-the-Dark Dance Party (age 8-12).

Latke Dinner & Dance Party: $36.00, kids (12 & under) $10
Music & Dance Party only: $18/pay in advance, $20/pay at door
Children's events: $10/GJC member, $15/non-member

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