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Klezmer workshop & jam, San Francisco, CA, 19 Mar 2017

Klezmer Workshop & Jam, led by internationally-renowned klezmer (and Bay Area resident) Joshua Horowitz

Sunday, March 19, 2:00–5:00pm
Art House Gallery and Cultural Center,
2905 Shattuck Avenue,
Berkeley, CA

* 60-minute workshop with teaching, including some by ear
* 45-minute playing through songs with sheet music, with coaching on klezmer style
* 45-minute traditional jam, without sheet music.

More info/registration/autio files

$25 sliding scale, for participants. Refreshments included. Listeners welcome, too.

If you like, check out sheet music and/or audio files at klezcalifornia.org/events/jams (scroll down)

Required: mute if you are a brass player
Optional: recording device, music stand

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