Belf Romanian Orchestra

by Kurt Bjorling

To Fans of the "Romainian Orchestra Directed by V. Belf" I've recently received several quotations from the Jewish Music Mailing List about 'Belf's Romanian Orchestra.' Considering the amount of interest and activity surrounding this, I'd like to point out that my collection of recordings by the Belf Orch. has recently undergone a major revision. As of August on 2003, the collection is now enlarged and improved:

All in all, there are 40 pieces—37 recordings* by the Syrena record company of the actual belf Orch. plus 3 'covers' by the Stella record company of Syrena records which have not been found (yet).

More detailed information can be found at my resource recordings web page:"

Orders can be placed there or by contacting me directly. I recommend the latter for anyone with questions or wanting to haggle.

For those of you who have "unauthorized copies" of these and other of my resource recordings, let me point out that this project is largely a self-funding archive and resource—the fact that it is not issued on a commercial label does not mean that the income from selling the products is not important. This new revision to the Belf edition involves more than a thousand dollars of costs and hundreds of hours of time. If you have received a privately-made copy of one of my products AND FOUND IT USEFUL OR INTERESTING, I urge you to please pay for the priveledge of having access to this rare (and commercially un-viable) resource by ordering your own 'authentic (and better-quality) copy. I thank you for doing so!

Thanks for your interest,
Kurt Bjorling

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